5 Kinds of Beauty Tea Can Help You Remove Dark Yellow and Brighten Skin Tone

Nowadays, female friends pay more and more attention to their own health. Many people choose to drink tea to support themselves. In this sleepy spring, drinking tea is a good choice to relieve fatigue. But for women, the particularity of their physique determines that they need to be careful when drinking tea.

In addition, when people reach middle age, their body functions begin to decline, especially in women, whose aging rate is significantly higher than that of men. Therefore, many people begin to pay attention to health preservation. Here I summarize five kinds of tea that can improve beauty. Women who want to raise people with tea can learn more about it.

  1. Rose black tea

Prepare some dried rose flowers and black tea, and boil them together according to your own preference. The taste of rose drinking black tea will blend together. Drink it in a small mouth, not only can you taste the faint fragrance of rose, but also the sweet taste of black tea, which is very pleasant.

As we all know, rose black tea contains more vitamins, minerals, etc., which can ease the mood very well and is of great benefit to women. However, it is worth noting that although rose black tea can beautify the skin, it cannot be drunk every day and may become angry.

  1. Medlar chrysanthemum tea

The medlar and chrysanthemum can be brewed together to beautify the skin and resist fatigue. If you choose a good chrysanthemum, the effect will be better. The Qingchi chrysanthemum, produced in the ancient capital of Kaifeng, has rich natural conditions and mature picking and planting technologies, making the flowers plump, petals compact and bright. It is not only liked by local friends, but also spread to all parts of the country.

In addition, Qingchi Chrysanthemum contains many nutrients, such as inulin, amino acids, vitamins, etc., which can refresh the mind and protect the eyes. In addition, Chinese wolfberry, which complement each other and are skillfully combined, is suitable for most people to drink. Moreover, its brewing method is simple. Just take one and you can soak it in a cup. The nutrient elements will be integrated into it, and the tea soup will become clear yellow, which is very refreshing to drink, It is also a good helper for women in beauty and anti-aging, and an ideal flower tea for regular drinking.

  1. Oolong tea

Oolong tea is a semi fermented tea. Its color, aroma and taste are partly derived from fresh leaf materials, and the other part is produced by enzymatic reaction. Oolong tea is between black tea and green tea, and has both aroma. After brewing, it has a strong taste and mellow taste. The common Oolong tea in the market can be divided into Minbei Oolong, Minnan Oolong, Taiwan Oolong and Guangdong Oolong.

  1. Lavender lemon tea

It is mainly made of lavender and lemon. You can add proper honey according to your taste, and add water according to the size of the brewing container. After brewing, the tea soup will turn light yellow, and drink it with not only the scent of lemon, but also the scent of flowers. It is rich in vitamin C, which can replenish nutrition for the body in a timely manner. It is very beneficial for women.

  1. Luoshen Flower Tea

Luoshen flower tea, also known as rose eggplant, is rich in amino acids, protein, etc. It can be matched with peach blossom and crystal sugar. After brewing, the tea soup is red, with a strong floral fragrance and sweet taste. Proper drinking can alleviate aging. Persistence in drinking it will greatly help women’s health. When drinking tea, you must avoid empty stomach.

Women should pay attention to the following points when drinking tea:

  1. When drinking tea, the proportion of tea should be controlled. It should not be too thick. Don’t drink too much tea at night to avoid affecting the quality of sleep. Light tea is good for health.
  2. When brewing, the water temperature should be 80 ℃, 2~3 minutes, 150 ml of water with 3 grams of tea, and the intensity is appropriate.
  3. The black tea represented by Pu’er tea needs to be washed before brewing, and the first brew needs to be soaked in boiling water for 10 seconds, and then drunk after pouring out, which makes the taste more mellow.
  4. It is most appropriate to drink three cups of tea every day. In the morning, it should be drunk between 9 and 10 o’clock after meals. In the afternoon, it should be drunk between 1 and 3 o’clock after lunch. In the evening, it should be drunk between 6 and 7 o’clock. It is not suitable to drink tea after 9 o’clock.
  5. Choose the right tea according to your physical fitness. People with hot physical fitness can choose green tea, chrysanthemum tea, etc; People who are weak and have cold hands and feet can choose black tea; Oolong tea is suitable for most people; Black tea can be used to relieve tiredness after meals.

How do women maintain their beauty in life?

  1. Eating high fiber food

The gut is the first aging organ in the body. Constipation is the biggest problem caused by intestinal aging and slow peristalsis. A large amount of stool is blocked in the intestinal tract and will be reabsorbed by the intestinal tract as “nutrition”, resulting in dark skin color, long spots and other problems.

Expert advice: to prevent aging, we should first protect the intestinal tract. Eat high fiber food 2-3 times a week.

  1. Adhere to ovarian care

The ovary is the only organ for women to secrete estrogen and progesterone, and the status of estrogen and progesterone will determine the degree of female aging.

Expert suggestion: insist on having sex once a week, which can regulate hormone level; Insist on taking soybean products to supplement soybean isoflavones.

  1. Give proper chest massage

A perfectly firm chest is a sign of a woman’s sexuality. With the growth of age, there will be signs of aging in the chest, as well as breast hyperplasia and other diseases.

Expert advice: choose the right underwear and don’t “squeeze” too much; Thoroughly relax your chest every day, and gently massage it before going to bed.

  1. Early to bed and early to rise

Staying up late is the enemy of skin health care. Lack of sleep will lead to disorder of various regulatory activities of skin cells and affect the vitality of epidermal cells. So you should sleep for at least 8 hours every day. If it is lower than this level, you can re estimate your health index.

Whether the sleep is sufficient or not will be easily displayed on the skin, especially the delicate eye skin. And a sweet good sleep can eliminate skin fatigue, make the regulating activity of skin cells normal, and delay skin aging.

  1. Exercise can prevent aging

Exercise for 12 weeks can prevent aging. Postmenopausal women benefit as much from regular exercise as young women.

Exercise is a good way to effectively increase vitality and control chronic diseases of elderly women. Although the hormone level and body of postmenopausal women have changed, their cardiovascular health can be greatly changed through exercise.

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