A quick introduction to black tea, start from mastering these methods!

No matter what kind of black tea is, it has stalks. Too much tea is not good, and too little tea is not good. There are specific regulations for making black tea, and each manufacturer also has its own matching table. Of course, tea lovers can also customize the stem content according to their own taste.

A quick introduction to black tea, start from mastering these methods!

The tea polysaccharide complex in black tea is the main component of lowering blood sugar. Tea polysaccharide complex is usually called tea polysaccharide, which is a kind of mixture with complex composition and great changes. The results of the determination of tea polysaccharide content in several teas show that black tea has the highest tea polysaccharide content, and its component activity is also stronger than other teas. This is because in fermented tea, due to the role of glycosidase, protease and hydrolase, relatively short sugar chains and peptide chains are formed, and shorter peptide chains are easier to be absorbed and have stronger biological activity, This may be one of the reasons why fermented tea, especially black tea polysaccharide, has better hypoglycemic effect than other teas.

Researchers found that the pathogenic substances accumulated in the human body can be discharged in large quantities when drinking black tea at dinner. The survey results show that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), a strong toxic substance accumulated in the body, such as smoking or eating barbecue, will significantly reduce after drinking black tea, especially after drinking aged black tea.

Black tea has a mild nature and is known to have the effect of eliminating food and greasy food. Its vitamins and trace elements can supplement human needs… It has been proved by research that black tea has the effects of reducing blood fat and preventing atherosclerosis.

The caffeine in black tea can play a role in exciting the nerve center. After drinking black tea, it can accelerate the diuretic effect, so that the alcohol can be discharged through the kidney before it can be decomposed. This will greatly stimulate the kidney and also increase the burden on the heart. In fact, it is not only black tea, but also other kinds of tea should not be drunk after drinking.

After fermentation, black tea has a great impact on the flavor and color of tea, but these substances are still similar to other teas, even the content of tea polyphenols is reduced. Although some studies show that compared with green tea, black tea can enhance the activities of amylase and protease in the intestinal tract, but no high-quality clinical trials have proved that it can ultimately be more conducive to human health, so black tea is similar to other teas in terms of health effects, It does not need to be deified, nor can it be used as a folk prescription for curing diseases.

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