Can I Make Tea From Insulated Cups

There are two ways to make tea from insulated cups. One is to scald the insulated cup with boiling water, put 3~5g of dry tea into it, wash it along the wall of the cup with boiling water, and let it stand for a few minutes before drinking. If you need to take it with you, you can cover the cup; Second, put the tea into the teapot, brew the tea, filter out the tea residue, pour the tea soup into the insulated cup, and drink it at any time when the temperature is palatable.

The function of the insulation cup is to insulate heat, and at the same time, it can also play a very good role in heat preservation.

However, soaking tea in insulated cups for a long time may have a certain impact on the taste, mainly because the taste is more thick, but we can use the following alternative methods:

  1. Make the tea and put it into the insulation cup

To brew good tea in a normal way and pour it into a thermos cup is equivalent to leaving the tea in a “good” state.

Although the tea polyphenols in the tea will be oxidized later, which will have a certain impact on the flavor and taste, the flavor will be much better than the way that tea is always in the insulated cup.

  1. Drink the tea as soon as possible after making it

The insulated cup has a good temperature locking function, which is especially obvious in winter. However, if you are worried that the taste will not be good after soaking for a long time, you can put less tea at a time, and after brewing tea, it is best to drink it quickly when the temperature is moderate.

Of course, if you can’t finish drinking, you can also cover it, but you can’t leave it for too long.

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