Correct brewing method of black tea

Black tea, because of its mild nature, is suitable for all ages and is loved by many tea friends. However, some tea friends complain that the tea soup brewed by themselves has a sour taste, and the taste and taste are not as good as expected. Is it because the tea is bad? Or is your tea making method wrong?

Just like the mildest people sometimes lose their temper. Although black tea is easy to brew, it is sour, bitter and astringent when it is not brewed well, and its taste is unforgettable. If you want to drink good tea, it is not enough to have good tea. You need to have the right brewing method to correctly reflect the aroma and taste of tea. Now TeacCity will share the method of brewing black tea.

Tea set

To brew black tea, we usually choose porcelain pots and cups, and the cream is the best. Covering bowls, teapots and making tea can obtain better color, fragrance and smooth taste.

Boiled in cold water

Fresh cold water is poured into the kettle to boil: because the water from the faucet is full of air, it can fully guide the aroma of black tea, while the overnight water, second-degree boiling water or hot water in the thermos are not suitable for brewing black tea.

Warm cup

Pour boiling boiling water and warm the pot and cup in a gradual way to avoid too large changes in water temperature: generally, the teapot has a short round body, which allows the tea to fully extend and dance when brewing.

Amount of tea

It is controlled according to the size of the container (cover bowl), the characteristics of different teas, the number of guests and the preferences of guests. Generally, one third of the container should not be more than half of the container. The tender tea should be more than the old one. The water injection must cover the tea. If the amount of tea is more, the water injection should be more. If the amount of tea is less, the water injection should be less. Avoid too thick or watery.

Water temperature

Black tea can be brewed at 100 ℃, but for better taste, black tea is generally brewed with water at 85 ℃ – 90 ℃. The water for brewing tea must be boiled, and then wait for it to cool to the required temperature. The water that has just been boiled will drop to 95 ℃ – 97 ℃ when the water bubbles are all sunk. Open the lid and wait for a little longer. The water temperature will drop by 1 ℃ – 3 ℃ when water is injected into the tea set. The winter weather is cold, and the cooling time should not be too long. The control of water temperature should be combined with the type of tea and the taste the guests want. Generally, the tea is tender, and the water temperature should not be too high. The tea is old, and the water temperature can be relatively high.

Soup time

Black tea is generally required to be out of the soup quickly, usually for 1-5 seconds. If you want to taste stronger, you can soak it for a longer time, depending on the preferences of the tea drinkers.

TIPS: Water injection method

(1) Water flow size: soft fine water flow, steady medium water flow, and masculine large water flow.

(2) Water injection method: fixed point injection, circle injection along the cup wall, and directly pour tea.

(3) If the water temperature is low, the tea is tender, and you want to taste fresh and sweet, or you want to taste light, you can use soft and fine water to inject, and then quickly produce the soup.

(4) If the water temperature is high, the quality of tea is old, and you want to pursue the taste of tea with strong taste, or you want to have a strong color of tea, you can use the stable medium water to inject, and the masculine water to inject. There is no big difference in the way of water injection, but if the water temperature is high, it cannot be directly poured on the tea, let alone into the middle of the tea, which will destroy the taste of the tea. Generally, fixed-point injection is adopted, and the injection is carried out in a circle along the cup wall.

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