Does water quality affect tea making?

The answer to this question is Yes, the quality of water plays an important role in tea making. The type of water you use can affect the flavor and aroma of the tea. Hard water can make tea taste bitter and acidic, whereas soft water can produce a sweeter and smoother tea.

“Water is the mother of tea”. If you want to make a good pot of tea, you cannot do without a good pot of water. Good water is not only easy to enhance the aroma, color and taste of tea, but also can integrate the tea ceremony and health care, and have both taste and health. What kind of water is suitable for making tea?

What is the difference between different kinds of water?

#1 Tap water, not the first choice

Tap water is the most common domestic drinking water. The water source generally comes from rivers, lakes, and is natural water after processing. The hardness of tap water may be too high, and the water may also contain chlorine gas used for disinfection, which has a certain impact on the taste and aroma of tea soup, and is not the first choice for making tea. If it is possible to install a water purifier, it will be much better to use filtered water.

#2 Well water, deep well water is suitable for making tea

Well water belongs to underground water. Whether it is suitable for tea making cannot be generalized. Generally speaking, the deep groundwater is protected by a water-resistant layer, with less pollution and sweet water quality, which is good for making tea; The shallow groundwater is easy to be polluted by the ground, and the water quality is poor. It is used to brew tea, which is harmful to the taste of tea.

#3 Mineral water can complement the taste of tea

Mineral water is the drinking water that flows through rocks from deep underground and has been treated to some extent. It contains certain minerals and trace elements.

Many mineral water contains more metal ions such as calcium, magnesium and sodium, which are permanent hard water. Such mineral water is not suitable for tea making. If appropriate soft water mineral water is selected, it can complement the taste of tea and maximize the good taste of a cup of tea.

#4 Pure water, simple and safe choice

Purified water is a kind of soft water that can be directly drunk without any additives and is made by proper processing methods with water that meets the sanitary standard of domestic drinking water as the water source.

Although purified water will not maximize the taste of tea, it will not harm the taste of tea. For daily tea making, barreled purified water can be a relatively simple and safe choice.

Making tea with purified water will not increase or decrease the quality of tea soup, and can show the true taste of tea soup.

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