Drinking Tea in Autumn Tips

Into autumn. When the temperature difference increases, the temperature will decrease, and the air will be drier. Don’t drink tea indiscriminately. Pay attention to the following points. It’s better to drink according to the season.

Do you know the three points you should pay attention to when drinking tea at the autumn equinox?

In autumn, the weather turns cooler and the characteristics of autumn become more and more obvious. The morning and evening are already very cool. Even though it is still hot at noon, the temperature difference between day and night is further expanded. At this time, you should choose the right tea.

#1 Taboos on drinking tea in autumn

“Drinking oolong tea in autumn and drinking black tea in winter”. Many people know that autumn is very suitable for drinking oolong tea, so they will drink some oolong tea every day, but it is not recommended to drink tea in autumn unchanged. We can make appropriate adjustments according to our own body.

Tea is suitable for drinking all the year round, but tea drinking in each season has its own particularity. If you choose the right tea for health preservation according to the climate, you can have a good health preservation effect. The biggest purpose of drinking tea is to replenish water. Only when there is enough water in the body can the metabolism be improved, the body be turned around and the “restlessness and sleepiness” be eliminated. From semi fermented tea to fully fermented tea, and even post fermented tea, they are suitable for drinking in autumn, especially in the late autumn after the autumn equinox solar term.

What kind of tea is good in autumn? The following explains in detail:

01. Drinking green tea in early autumn to eliminate dryness and heat in the body

At this time, it is better to drink green tea such as Oolong tea, which is between red and green, neither cold nor hot, and can eliminate waste heat and restore body fluid. Oolong tea, the representative of semi fermented tea, is very suitable for drinking in autumn and winter. Because tea is gentle, neither cold nor hot, it has a good effect on health.

02. Mid Autumn Chrysanthemum Tea Brightens the Eyes and Eliminates Fatigue

Chrysanthemum tea is one of the best choices for tea drinking in autumn, which can clear the lung and eliminate fire. Chrysanthemum tea can also clear the liver and eyes, treat headache, eye pain, dizziness and other symptoms. Chrysanthemum is a good Chinese medicine for treating many kinds of eye diseases. However, traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to syndrome differentiation and treatment, and people with cold body are not suitable for drinking chrysanthemum tea.

03. Drinking black tea in late autumn can generate heat, warm the stomach and fight cold

In autumn and winter, the physiological function of the human body declines, the yang qi is weakened, and the requirements for energy and nutrition are high. Making a cup of warm black tea in autumn can not only warm the body, but also play a role in disease prevention. Fully fermented black tea is the most mild tea. It can be drunk all the year round, but it is more suitable in autumn and winter. The warm tea can take away the cold and make the cold late autumn warm.

04. Drinking Pu’er Tea in Autumn

Pu’er is divided into two types: Pu’er and Pu’er, especially Pu’er. After fermentation, the tea tends to be mild, with mild tea properties. The tea is silky, soft, mellow and rich, which is suitable for most people’s daily drinking. Especially suitable for autumn drinking.

#2 Avoid autumn tea when drinking tea

Autumn also means the season when autumn tea comes into the market. However, the new tea picked in autumn is not suitable for brewing and drinking immediately, because there are some substances in the tea that have adverse effects on the body. Such as polyphenols, alcohols, aldehydes and other substances are not completely oxidized, and it is easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort, even abdominal pain after drinking.

After the autumn tea comes into the market, it usually needs to be put aside for about 10 days at room temperature. If it is white tea or oolong tea, it will take longer. White tea can be transformed slowly. Oolong tea can be stored for several months before drinking.

#3 Avoid strong tea when drinking tea

In autumn, many people like to take a cup of tea and taste its fragrance carefully. However, some people will brew tea more intensely, believing that only in this way can the tea become more mellow. In fact, in autumn, people cannot drink too strong tea. Strong tea contains more theophylline, and excessive intake of theophylline will cause headache, insomnia and other symptoms.

In autumn, people need to replenish water. Drinking tea can replenish the water needed by the body. Drinking different teas has different effects. What we need to know is that the tea we drink will be different in different seasons.

The content of theophylline in strong tea is obviously higher than that in light tea, which will speed up metabolism and allow the water in the body to be discharged quickly. Too fast water loss is not good for your health. At the same time, it will affect sleep, causing the body to be unable to get sufficient rest, thus causing “spring sleepiness and autumn fatigue”.

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