Efficacy and function of chrysanthemum mulberry leaf tea

Chrysanthemum mulberry leaf tea is rich in inulin, adenine, amino acids, alkaloids and other ingredients. It has the effects of refreshing the brain and calming the nerves, dispersing wind heat, relieving dry heat and anger, moistening the lungs and moistening the dryness, relieving body pressure, relieving the mood, and has the effects of eye protection, throat opening, anti-oxidation, fluid production and thirst quenching.

Functions of chrysanthemum mulberry leaf tea:

The main effect of chrysanthemum is to expel wind and detoxify, which has a strong bactericidal effect. It can detoxify and sterilize, and relieve discomfort caused by fire, heat toxin, inflammation, etc.

Mulberry leaves have the functions of dispersing wind heat, clearing the lung and moistening dryness, clearing the liver and brightening the eyes. They are commonly used for wind heat cold, lung heat and dry cough, dizziness and headache, red eyes and dizziness in summer. The fragrance of chrysanthemum can make people relaxed and happy, and its water-soluble components have the effects of clearing the liver, improving eyesight and lowering blood pressure. The combination of the two can relieve wind heat cold, summer lung heat and other diseases.

Mulberry leaves can dispel dryness and heat, promote the lung, moisten the lung and stimulate fluid; Chrysanthemum has the effects of relieving wind and heat, calming liver and eyesight, clearing heat and detoxifying. The combination of the two has the effects of purging lung heat, relieving cough, nourishing yin and promoting fluid. It is suitable for people with yin deficiency and body heat when they have a cold due to wind heat or spring dryness. The specific manifestations are thirst and cold drink, red complexion, high voice and thick breath, swollen and painful throat, cough, phlegm or yellow, cold and afraid of heat, dry stool, short and yellow urine, red tongue tip, thin white and yellow coating, etc.


Drinking chrysanthemum mulberry leaf tea should vary according to your physical fitness. Friends with poor physique and cold physique should not drink more, while those with hot physique, on the contrary, do not have too much taboo on cold herbal tea. However, we should also distinguish the type of self burning. It should be noted that the elderly, infants and puerpera or menstruation are also not suitable for drinking.

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