Everyone needs a good cup of tea!

Tea, seemingly simple,

It’s really rare.

Tea originates from nature,

Absorb the essence of the sun and the moon, bathe in spring and autumn,

Only then has the mountain soul water spirit.

It is a good drink for attacking and repairing,

It can open your mind and mind,

It can also lower the intestine and make the body comfortable,

Probably no other drinks,

Like tea,

It’s good for your health and thinking.

In the tea,

There are clouds,

Feeling of rain.

In the tea,

The tranquility of mountains and rivers,

It also has the true taste of life.

Why do I choose to meet friends with tea,

Because I want to meet people with the same frequency.

As the saying goes, “It’s cool for people to take tea.”,

And I will certainly,

Take good care of the teapot, teacup and tea mat,

Aftertaste the sweetness of this afternoon.

Why do I have a good tea party with you,

Because only you know my tea.

Find a person who knows tea,

Among thousands of people,

See you take up the teacup lovingly,

Appreciate its color and smell its fragrance,

I have a contentment in my heart.

Tea friends get together,

No flattery, no wriggle,

Everyone has his own style,

Have their own ideas,

In the collision, we cherish each other more.

Like an ancient martial artist, he likes drinking tea,

Wudang Emei Tai Chi Wing Chun,

Own a faction,

Green, white, red, blue, black and yellow,

Each has his own love.

In this volatile era,

Please cherish your tea friends carefully,

More indifference,

Less impetuous.

Have time to meet for tea,

Among tea friends, there is no distracting thought,

Tea is rare, and tea friends are also rare,

Drink and cherish!

No matter how many years we have passed,

Remain true to our original aspiration!

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