How Many Years Can Pu Erh Tea be Kept at Most?

Pu Erh tea is produced in Xishuangbanna, Lincang, Pu’er and other regions in Yunnan Province. The tea soup is orange yellow, the aroma is sharp and lasting, the flavor is unique, the taste is thick and mellow, and the tea cake can be preserved for many years?

The storage time of Pu’er tea is generally uncertain, which may be 10 years or 100 years to hundreds of years. It mainly depends on the intuition of tea drinkers to study and judge the degree of aging.

Generally speaking, as long as the preservation method is correct, there is no conclusive data on the age and life of Pu’er tea, and only the intuition of tea drinkers is used to judge the degree of aging. For example, the aging feeling of Fuyuanchang and Tongqing old Pu’er round tea has reached the highest point, so it must be sealed for storage to avoid further rapid post fermentation, resulting in gradual loss of tea quality and deterioration of taste.

How to preserve Pu’er tea cakes?

  1. Pu erh tea is suitable to be stored in a dry and ventilated place. It is recommended to store it in pottery jars and jars.
  2. Use rice paper and tasteless hygroscopic paper to wrap Pu’er tea and store it in a pottery jar. Cover the jar mouth with a layer of kraft paper to cover the dust.
  3. Pu Erh tea shall be stored in a place free from direct sunlight, rain, ventilation and odor.
  4. Please note that Pu’er tea should not be mixed with other teas for storage. Raw tea and cooked tea should not be mixed for storage.
  5. Pu’er tea may affect the tea cortex after entering the water. Pu’er tea will become sour when exposed to direct sunlight.

Other preservation methods of Pu’er tea cake

1: Store in cans

Tea leaves are stored in tea cans to prevent crushing. Tin cans are the first choice for tea cans, followed by iron cans and paper cans, which are required to have good sealing performance.

2: Charcoal storage method

Put a proper amount of charcoal into a small cloth bag, put it into the bottom of the tea can, and then arrange the packed tea leaves in the can in layers. At the sealed jar mouth, the charcoal should be replaced once a month.

3: Refrigerated storage

Seal the tea leaves with bags or tea cans, and store them in the refrigerator at a temperature of 5 °.

4: Warm water bottle storage

Put the white tea leaves into the newly bought thermos bottle and seal it.

5: Low temperature and dark storage

Because, under high temperature conditions, the chemical changes of the tea ingredients accelerate, thus accelerating the quality aging, and the light causes the photochemical reaction of the tea ingredients, thus making the quality lose its original style.

6: Quicklime storage method

The quicklime shall be packed in cloth bags, and the tea shall also be sealed. The tea shall be sealed and kept away from smelly articles. It should be noted that the quicklime belt should be replaced every two months.

The above is the way to preserve Pu’er tea cakes. In general, when preserving Pu’er tea cakes, attention should be paid to the preservation temperature, humidity and taste, so as to better preserve Pu’er tea.

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