How to Brew Pu Erh Tea Cakes

Like other Pu’er teas, Pu’er tea cakes are very particular about brewing. Now we will introduce several methods of brewing Pu’er tea cakes.

  1. Kung Fu Tea Brewing Method

The kungfu tea brewing method can be used to appreciate the changes of the water way of a tea, see whether it is resistant to brewing, and experience the changes in the color, aroma, taste, etc. of each tea soup. this

  1. Root retention bubble method

After washing the tea, part of the tea soup will be left in the teapot from beginning to end, and the tea soup will not be drained. Generally, “leave two out of eight” or “leave half out of half” is adopted. After each soup, add water again until the tea leaves become light – at this time, it can be frothed for a long time.

  1. Boiling method

It is applicable to the selection of coarse and old tea, such as the coarse and old tea that has undergone the mild tide process. If glassware is used for boiling, you can not only see the dynamic picture of boiling tea, but also appreciate the process of how the color of the tea soup becomes moist, which can add a lot of fun.

  1. Special brewing method

Some tea products with high fragrance and weak quality are specially brewed. The first brew is slightly dull when the tea is quickly washed at high temperature. In combination with the “root retention method”, the subsequent brews will be fast in and fast out.

  1. Amendment

For the old tea with a little smell and good internal quality, the tea washing and the first two brews can be treated with high temperature, and the subsequent brews can be treated with large cooling and stuffy brewing; The new tea with good quality and insufficient aroma and color will be slightly stuffy at high temperature when washing tea, and will be hot and fast when brewing.

  1. Vertex bubbling

When making tea, use a covered bowl to brew, and use a purple clay pot as a reasonable pot. The covered bowl can wash away the different smells and impurities of different teas, and release the tea flavor. The soup is then put into the purple clay pot. The purple clay pot is used as a public cup to divide the soup. The aroma is gathered to contain Shu, so that the flavor is not scattered. The soup is more authentic.

The above are the different brewing methods of Pu’er tea cakes. It can be seen that Pu’er tea is not a simple brewing method, but there are other brewing methods. Different ways show different effects!

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