How to identify the quality of tea

When identifying the advantages and disadvantages of tea, we should first pay attention to the following two aspects: first, dryness, and second, freshness.

Whether the tea is fresh or not can be preliminarily identified from the appearance and color. The new green tea is dark green and glossy, while the black tea is black and shiny. In addition, the dried tea smells like tea, and the product without mildew and stuffy smell is normal.

When purchasing small packaged tea, you should clearly see or ask the packaging date. Generally, small packaged tea that has been more than one year is easily hygroscopic and deteriorated. In addition, pay attention to identify the quality, integrity and moisture resistance of packaging materials when purchasing.

In addition, we can also distinguish whether it is a good tea in terms of the color, aroma and aroma of the green tea soup; Oolong tea soup is orange and bright, tastes mellow and fresh, and has a natural fragrance of flowers. Oolong single fir tea can well experience these characteristics. Black tea is black, brown and oily, the soup is red and bright, and the taste is strong and fresh. These characteristics are the embodiment of good tea.

Which is better, bulk tea or packaged tea?

It is generally believed that bulk tea can clearly see the shape of clear tea, so judging the quality of tea can only be said to be a prejudice. In fact, bulk tea is constantly deteriorating in the process of sales, because exposed in the air, one is to absorb moisture and the other is to absorb strange smell. Especially as a commodity of tea, it is easy to absorb water and smell, which will lead to the invisible qualitative change of tea, making it lose its original tea flavor.

How to distinguish old tea from new tea?

The main difference between new tea and old tea is its color, aroma and taste.

Color: tea is mainly affected by oxygen and light in the air during its storage, and green tea gradually turns from green to grey. Black tea turns from black to brown.

Taste: The taste of old tea is weak, while the fresh taste of tea is weakened and becomes “dull”.

Aroma: Due to the oxidation, condensation and slow volatilization of aroma substances in old tea, the tea leaves become low turbidity from light fragrance.

The above differences are for more tea varieties. When the storage conditions are good, the difference will be relatively reduced. As for the quality of some tea after storage, that is another matter.

Is the quality of old tea necessarily poor?

In fact, new tea is compared with old tea. “Drink new tea, drink old tea” is a summary of people’s life of drinking tea for a long time, but it is not necessarily bad for old tea. Some tea varieties are better if they are properly stored for a period of time. For example, West Lake Longjing, Flaggun, Dongting Biluochun, etc; Another example is Wuyi rock tea, which has a fragrant and mellow taste when it is aged every other year; Black tea from Hunan, Fuzhuan tea from Hubei, Liubao tea from Guangxi and Pu’er tea from Yunnan will not deteriorate, but even improve the quality of tea if stored properly.

How long is the shelf life of tea?

There is no clear stipulation on the shelf life of tea. The moisture content of tea is strictly controlled in raw materials and production, and advanced preservation technology is adopted. Therefore, tea can be stored for 1-2 years at normal temperature. The key to tea preservation lies in the moisture content of the tea itself and the moisture resistance of the packaging materials used for small packaging tea. The water content of tea can be kept below 7%, and the quality of tea will not be over-aged within 12 months; If the water content is less than 6%, it will not be over-aged in 3 years, just as it is sealed with iron cans as “canned food”; If the moisture content is more than 9%, it is difficult to ensure that it will not deteriorate within 3 months.

Is KungFu Tea usually called KungFu black tea?

In short, KungFu Tea is a kind of brewing method, while KungFu black tea is a kind of tea.

KungFu Tea refers to the unique brewing method of oolong tea. It attaches importance to the tea, utensils, water and fire techniques. The techniques are exquisite, methodical and unhurried, which is scientific and aesthetic. It is characterized by more tea and less water, more times of soaking and drinking, and shorter soaking time. It is usually soaked for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Now, Gongfu tea can be divided into Fujian KungFu Tea, Cantonese KungFu Tea and desktop KungFu Tea.

As for KungFu black tea, it is a unique traditional variety in China. It is named because the initial production process pays special attention to the tightness and integrity of the rope, and takes a lot of time to refine it. KungFu black tea is made of high-quality KungFu black tea with obvious gold, which has a mellow taste and is the best in black tea.

Will long storage of tea affect the quality of tea?

The main factors affecting the quality of tea are temperature, light and humidity. If the storage method is appropriate and these factors are reduced or eliminated, the tea can be preserved for a long time. However, if the tea is improperly stored, the chemical composition of the tea will change significantly, mainly in the following aspects: the appearance of stale taste; The soup turns brown and dark; The concentration, astringency and freshness of taste decreased.

Is green tea really the better?

Different varieties and grades of tea have different colors, and it is better to be fresh and shiny, but green tea is not the greener the better. Like the Longjing of the West Lake, it is light yellow and green; The super Mount Huangshan Maofeng is ivory and so on. You should pay more attention when picking tea leaves.

Many teas on the market are said to be famous. What kind of tea is famous?

At present, there are different opinions about what is famous tea, and there is no clear boundary to judge whether a certain tea is famous. But one thing can be sure is that famous tea is a kind of tea with beautiful appearance and excellent quality, which is a treasure of tea.

Why is spring tea so expensive?

After the material accumulation in winter, the tea tree provides rich nutrients for spring tea, and the tender leaves of spring tea are rich in contents, and the quality of tea made is also the best; The rapid growth of new shoots, buds and leaves of tea trees in summer makes the content of water extracts that can be dissolved in tea soup relatively reduced, resulting in different color and bitter taste of summer tea. The climate conditions in autumn are between spring and summer, which makes autumn tea yellow, and the taste and aroma are relatively peaceful. So the price of spring tea is generally high.

How to store tea?

The tea adopts advanced fresh-keeping technology, which can ensure that the tea will not deteriorate for a long time. The best storage conditions are at room temperature, dark and odor-free environment. If the tea has a high water content or has been affected by moisture, it can be dried at about 80 ℃ or fried and cooled before storage. A large quantity of tea can be divided into 0.25-0.5 kg and wrapped in white paper, put into dry cans and jars, and put some desiccant in the middle of the bottom layer. The type of desiccant can be determined according to the convenience of tea and materials.

In order to prevent tea from absorbing odor, tea should not be put together with substances with serious odor, such as camphor pills, soap, perfume, cigarettes, etc. should not be mixed with tea.

The metal surface of the newly bought tea can often has a layer of grease, which must be cleaned and dried, and then wiped with a small amount of waste tea to remove the peculiar smell before the tea can be loaded.

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