“Luzianne Tea” Specially Blended Just for Iced Tea

Luzianne tea is a brand of beverages made in the South of the US, and out of the drinks they make, Luzianne tea and coffee are the most popular. The word Luzianne is a regional way to pronounce the state of Louisiana. In fact, as of 2017, they were rated the 2nd biggest tea seller in the whole US and had more than two million dollars in sales.

You can get the products made by Luzianne all over the US, but they are mainly popular in the South. Their products are produced by Reily Foods Company. It’s headquarters are located in New Orleans, Louisiana. He added selling tea a year later, but at first he concentrated on his coffee sales.

Iced tea got very popular in the southern states over the next few years when refrigerators started to become available for sale. So, in 1932 he decided to develop a type of tea that worked well to make iced tea. Since then, his recipe has not changed much at all except to add in some flavored teas like Peach Mango, Lemon and Raspberry tea. These used the original recipe and added the fruit to it as a concentrate.

Over the years it became so popular it is now considered the gold standard for southern refreshment when it comes to iced tea products. It has a superb reputation for tea that is smooth, refreshing and great tasting. They source their tea leave from places worldwide and blend them to the original recipe Reily invented even after more than 100 years of operation.

When it comes to brewing Luzianne tea, you merely have to pour boiling water over a few bags of tea, let it steep to your preferred strength, then add in the sugar, ice and lemons as desired for a great way to cool off in the Southern heat. Luzianne is produced via the expertise of their skilled professionals and has done so in the same precise manner since 1932.

The following are several questions some consumers have asked us about Luzianne tea:

What is the difference between Lipton and Luzianne tea?

The main difference between Lipton and Luzianne tea is the Lipton tea is a lighter kind of brew. It’s taste isn’t as strong as is Luzianne. In fact, some say Lipton tastes a lot like juice in comparison to Luizanne. Plus Lipton tea is not as dark looking after you brew it. And if you pour some boiling and freshly made Lipton tea over some ice, it tastes more watery than does Luzianne, which is precisely made to be turned into iced tea.

What kind of tea is in Luzianne?

Luzianne tea is made using green tea leaves, hibiscus flowers and orange peels. The main ingredient is freeze dried piece of berries known as Lucy’s. It is also a kind of black tea said to be earthy in flavor.

How Much Caffeine Is in Luzianne Tea?

Dependent of the kind of tea you pick, eight ounces of Luzianne has anything from no caffeine to having 71 milligrams of caffeine in it. If you choose, for instance, Luzianne’s Pour-n-Stir iced tea, it doesn’t have any caffeine. However, even if you buy their decaf version of tea, it actually has a tiny amount of caffeine in it that is about four to almost seven milligrams a serving, dependent on the chosen flavor.

In comparison, other brands of iced tea could have between 22 and 33 milligrams of caffeine in a serving. Some teabags could have even more caffeine since one bag usually makes about 4 servings of tea. Regular Luzianne tea for a single cup of it ranges between 29 and 71 milligrams of caffeine in it.

Where does Luzianne source its tea?

Luzianne experts taste random samples they pull from each of their huge 44,000-pound shipments. These shipments pull into the Port of New Orleans after buying tea from places like Asia, South America, Africa and Indonesia.

Where do they grow tea in Louisiana?

It was found that tea (the Camellia sinensis varieties) were able to be adapted to the climate and soil of Louisiana. However, producing tea domestically hasn’t really caught on, except for a place called the Charleston Tea Plantation on Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina.

All in all, if you want a great tasting smooth form of iced tea then you should try Luzianne tea.

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