Who Can’t Drink Jasmine Tea

People with chronic insomnia and allergies cannot drink jasmine tea, and people with fever, weak physique and neurasthenia are also forbidden to drink jasmine tea. Secondly, when brewing, people need to use boiled water to brew and drink it warm. They are forbidden to drink herbal tea and overnight tea, and they cannot drink strong tea for a long time.

People in the following seven states are not recommended to drink jasmine tea:

  1. Fever crowd

The theophylline contained in jasmine tea will strengthen the stimulation of human body temperature center and aggravate fever, so it is not suitable for patients with fever to drink jasmine tea, especially strong tea.

  1. Constipated people

Because the polyphenols of jasmine tea have certain astringent effect on gastrointestinal mucosa, constipation patients will be more constipation if they drink tea.

  1. People with neurasthenia or insomnia

Because the caffeine in jasmine tea has an obvious excitatory effect on the cerebral cortex, such patients will be in a state of extreme excitement without rest if they drink tea.

  1. Iron deficiency anemia population

This is because the tannin in jasmine tea will make the iron in the food form a sediment that cannot be absorbed by the human body, which will aggravate anemia.

  1. Calcium deficient population

People suffering from calcium deficiency or fracture should not drink or drink less jasmine tea. The alkaloids in jasmine tea will inhibit the absorption of calcium in the duodenum,

  1. People with poor nerves or high pressure who often suffer from insomnia

Such people should not drink jasmine tea frequently, especially before going to sleep at night. Because jasmine tea contains caffeine, it can make people more energetic and make the brain more excited and unable to sleep.

  1. Remember not to drink jasmine tea overnight

Because the overnight tea has been soaked for a long time, most of its vitamins have been lost, so drinking it is not good for your health.

How to brew jasmine tea

Jasmine tea combines the flavor of tea with the fragrance of flowers. Drinking jasmine tea is like tasting a tea art.

The special jasmine tea should be brewed in glass, and the water temperature should be 80-90 ℃. Other jasmine tea, such as Yinhao, Super, Grade I, etc., should be made from porcelain covered cups. The water temperature should be high, close to 100 degrees Celsius. Generally, the proportion of tea is 1:50, and the brewing time for each brew is 3-5 minutes.

The method of brewing jasmine tea can maintain the aroma without losing it. And showing the beauty of idiosyncrasy, which should be paid attention to when brewing.

The specific drinking procedure is as follows:

(1) Cup set: For tea sets that generally drink jasmine tea, white covered porcelain cups or covered bowls (equipped with tea bowls, bowl covers and saucers) are selected. For example, jasmine tea with special craft and high-grade jasmine tea are brewed. In order to improve the artistic appreciation value, transparent glasses should be used.

(2) Scalding cup: put the tea cup on the tea plate, flush the cup and saucer with boiling water, then immerse the lid in the cup with boiling water to rotate, and then drain the water. The main purpose of this process is to clean the tea set.

(3) Tea placing: Gently remove jasmine tea from the tea storage tank with a bamboo spoon, and place tea cups separately as required. The dosage shall be increased or decreased according to the taste of each person.

(4) Brewing: When brewing jasmine tea, the first brew should be low. The spout of the brewing pot should be close to the cup and directly injected into the tea to slowly extract the fragrance; Pour in the middle of the second bubble, and pour boiling water into the pot mouth slightly away from the cup mouth to blend the tea; Three bubbles adopt high flushing, and the pot mouth is a little far from the cup mouth to pour boiling water, making the tea rolling, the tea soup reverberating, and the fragrance of flowers flowing. Generally, flush until it is 80% full, and cover it immediately after flushing to ensure the tea fragrance.

(5) Smell: After brewing and standing for a while, you can lift the cup, open the cup cover and smell the fragrance with your nose. Those who are interested can also take a deep breath with the fragrance to fully appreciate the pleasure of the fragrance

(6) Tasting: After smelling the fragrance, when the tea soup is slightly cool and palatable, drink it in small mouthfuls, stay in the mouth for a while, and make the tea soup flow back and forth on the tongue for 12 times with the action of inhalation and nasal exhalation, fully contact with the taste buds, and swallow after tasting the tea and aroma. This is called “tasting”. Therefore, there is a saying among the people about drinking jasmine tea that “one mouthful is for drinking, and three mouthfuls are for tasting”.

(7) Appreciation: The special craft style jasmine tea and high-grade jasmine tea can be soaked in the glass. While tasting its fragrance and taste, you can enjoy its beautiful dance in the glass. Or up and down, dancing; Or as the bamboo shoots are unearthed, or as the chrysanthemums bloom, it is refreshing.

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