Why Can’t Children Drink Too Much Tea

Children who drink too much tea will be abnormally excited, which will lead to insomnia or inability to sleep. Secondly, children should drink tea under the supervision of adults to avoid eating large leaves by mistake, which may lead to accidents. Secondly, children who drink too much tea will also affect intestinal digestion, which is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients. Therefore, we should pay attention to drinking tea reasonably, light tea is better, small tea is better.

It is not that children cannot drink tea, but they should pay attention to drinking less and less tea. According to some data, children who drink soft drinks for a long time will suffer from calcium deficiency, anemia, ADHD, learning disabilities and other problems, which will affect children’s growth and development.

So children can drink tea. As long as they drink tea reasonably, it is not only harmless but also beneficial to their health.

Tea contains phenolic derivatives, caffeine, vitamins, proteins and sugars needed by children’s growth and development, as well as trace elements beneficial to children’s development. In addition, drinking tea can promote children’s digestion and appetite, which is a good way to solve children’s poor appetite.

Note: Children should not drink too much, too strong or herbal tea. This will increase the water content in the child’s body and increase the burden on the heart and kidneys. It can also make the child overexcited, the heart rate increases, the number of urinations increases, and cause insomnia.

Generally, children are required to drink tea in the daytime as much as possible. The tea should be at least twice as much boiled water as the normal people. It is better to drink 1 to 2 small cups a day. It must be very light.

Finally, children should choose healthy tea leaves when drinking tea. Of course, organic tea without pesticide residues is the best choice. In addition, it should be noted that it is best to use tea with the company and guidance of adults!

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