Which Country Drinks the Most Tea in The World

Tea is one of the three major drinks in the world, which plays an important role in people’s daily life. There are 197 countries in the world, including more than 160 countries that drink tea, and about 3 billion people like tea.

As we all know, China is an ancient tea country, and Chinese people also like tea very much, but the data shows that Chinese people are not the people who drink the most tea in the world.

In 2018, the annual output of the global tea industry was 5.85 million metric tons, quadrupling in 20 years. According to the statistics of the International Tea Commission (ITC), China’s tea output in 2018 was 2.616 million tons, accounting for 44.7% of the global total output, ranking first in the world. But in fact, Chinese people do not drink the most tea in the world.

According to the statistical data of Euromonitor, the highest per capita tea consumption in the world is 3157g in Turkey; The second and third places were 2191g in Ireland and 1942g in Britain; China’s tea consumption per capita is 566g, ranking 19th in the world. This seems different from everyone’s daily perception, but in fact, different tea cultures have created differences in tea drinking habits in different regions.

Tea is also regarded as a “National Drink” in Turkey, but unlike China, which is the home country of tea, Turkey actually received tea later than Europe. If the Chinese love tea, the Turks love tea as much as they want. They drink tea in teapots instead of boiling it with boiling water.

According to a survey by the Turkish News Agency, the number of Turks drinking tea has ranked first in the world, with 1250 cups of tea per person per year, or nearly 3.5 cups per day.

Top 8 country who drinks the most tea in the world

No. 1: Turkey

Turkey is a country spanning two continents of Asia and Europe. Many people do not know that this small country with only 85 million people is actually the country with the largest per capita tea consumption in the world. According to statistics, an average of 3.16 kg of tea per person per year, equivalent to 1250 cups.

The Turkish people like black tea best. There is a department in charge of tea. The drinking method is different from that of our country. They use a special double-layer pot to make tea. They prefer a strong taste, so they will add salt or sugar into the tea. Some people put sugar in their mouth before drinking tea.

No. 2: Ireland

Ireland, known as the “Emerald Island Country”, is a very romantic country and also a country that does not allow divorce. Irish people love to drink black tea, and their per capita tea consumption is 4.831 pounds every year. They drink tea in the morning, in the middle and in the evening. Each person drinks more than 4 cups of tea every day, ranking second in the world.

Irish tea is mostly made of Sri Lanka black tea and Assam tea, which are divided into three kinds: single black tea, blended tea and flavored tea. No matter which kind of tea is, it tends to have a strong sweet taste, and will add milk or sugar. It likes to drink it in a cup with tea bags. When drinking tea, it will also be served with cookies, bread and other cakes, or jam. In Ireland, a pot of good tea is often called “Potof Gold Tea”.

No. 3: UK

In everyone’s impression, Britain is the most gentlemanly country, and tea drinking is also very elegant. The British call tea “the most popular tea among all”. It is said that each person consumes more than 7 jin of tea per year, equivalent to 1500 bowls. However, it has been reduced in recent years because young people prefer coffee.

In addition to drinking black tea, some people also like green tea, white tea, herbal tea and oolong tea. British black tea is divided into pure tea and blended black tea. Among blended black tea, British breakfast black tea and Earl black tea are famous all over the world. British breakfast tea is usually mixed with tea from Assam, Sri Lanka and Kenya, with bergamot oil and other spices added, which has a full and strong aroma. Earl tea is based on Chinese Qimen black tea or Zhengshan small tea, or with Ceylon black tea and other tea, and then dripped with fragrant lemon oil to taste.

No. 4: Russia

In the 17th century, tea was introduced to Russia through Mongolia. Since then, Russians have fallen in love with tea. But tea was very precious at that time. They poured tea into a small saucer, put honey in their mouth with a spoon on the palm of their hand, put their mouth close to the edge of the saucer, and sucked tea with a loud sound. Although Russia also produces tea, it is far from enough to drink. Most of it is imported. The annual tea import volume is close to 200000 tons, mainly from South Asia.

At present, the per capita annual tea consumption in Russia is twice that in China. Russians usually drink black tea, and often add jam, cream, lemon juice, etc. to the tea to increase its rich taste. Now some people like scented tea. Others are trying to drink green tea and add sugar to it.

No. 5: Morocco

Morocco is a coastal Arab country in northwest Africa with a population of only 37.3 million. It is such a small country that consumes more than 60000 tons of tea every year. They love green tea. 98% of them come from China, mainly pearl tea and eyebrow tea. Drinking tea is an important way for them to quench heat and thirst under high temperature.

Like many Chinese teas, Moroccans have the habit of “washing tea” before drinking, and use boiling water to wash away the dust and bitter taste in the tea. They like to drink mint tea. When making tea, they will add white sugar and fresh mint leaves, often with more white sugar to increase the cool and sweet taste. Sometimes they will add lemon, verbena, sage, etc. to form a unique vanilla.

No. 6: New Zealand

New Zealand is a developed country mainly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. The export volume of mutton, dairy products and deer antler is the largest in the world, while New Zealand does not produce tea. It was not until Vincent, a New Zealand Chinese, introduced Taiwan’s alpine oolong tea to New Zealand in 1996 that the famous Zealong Jiejing organic tea was produced, but the output is limited. New Zealanders mainly drink black tea and oolong tea, with an average tea consumption of 4.5 kg per person, Most of them still rely on imports.

Most New Zealanders drink tea seven times a day, including morning tea, breakfast tea, afternoon tea, lunch tea, afternoon tea, dinner tea and evening tea. They often use two pots to make tea, one for tea and the other for hot water. They like to add sugar and milk to tea. They have high requirements for the concentration of soup. They often use large black broken tea with strong, dark, tight and heavy shape. The tea soup is very bright.

No. 7: Egypt

Egypt is the most populous country in northeast Africa. Someone said, “It’s time to walk along the Nile, drink a cup of hot tea, and watch the bustling crowds.”. Egyptians like to drink black tea. The annual import volume is more than 50000 tons, mainly from India and Sri Lanka, which account for 65% of the import volume.

They don’t like to put the whole piece of tea in their tea, but put crushed tea powder or broken tea, and add thick sugar to the tea. Generally, 2/3 of the white sugar is added to a cup of tea. This kind of sugar tea is very thick, and ordinary Chinese are not used to it. Black tea is divided into koshary and Saiidi according to the brewing method. Koshary’s popular taste in the north is relatively light, and it can be drunk only after soaking for a few minutes; Saiidi has a strong taste, which is liked by southern people and needs to be boiled before drinking.

No. 8: Poland

Poland is an eastern European country that likes drinking tea very much, but the per capita annual consumption of tea is about one kilogram. It does not produce tea itself and relies on imports. The main importing countries are Sri Lanka, India, Kenya and China, among which black tea accounts for about 95% and green tea about 5%. Yunnan black tea in China is very popular in Poland.

They usually drink “disposable” tea bags. One teacup is used to brew one tea bag. If they want to refill the cup after drinking, the tea bag will be discarded and replaced with a new one to brew again. Sugar is added to the tea, and lemon juice or fresh lemon slices are added to make the tea soup have three different flavors of “bitter, sweet and sour”.

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