Can tea sober the wine

Drinking tea can not sober up. Tea is a traditional tea drink. The conventional substances in tea include caffeine, tea polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins, etc. Among them, caffeine has diuretic effect. Drinking tea after drinking or getting drunk will not have the effect of sober down, but will increase the burden on the kidneys and cause some negative effects. Therefore, it is not suitable to drink tea after getting drunk.

Don’t drink tea after drinking.

Not only can you not sober up, but it may also harm the kidneys, especially the heart. If the function of the heart is poor, it will increase the stimulation to the heart, which will lead to serious consequences.

Caffeine in tea can promote human metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, expel harmful substances from the body, and stimulate nerves.

If you drink strong tea after getting drunk, the ethanol in the alcohol has not been completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. Through the diuretic effect of tea, acetaldehyde that has not been oxidized and decomposed will be introduced into the kidney early, increasing the burden on the kidney and affecting the renal function.

Therefore, the method of using tea to sober up is doomed to fail. After getting drunk, you should drink more Liangbaikai. Secondly, moderate drinking and avoiding excessive drinking are the fundamental solutions.

Finally, we should not only drink tea moderately, but also drink alcohol.

How long can I drink tea after drinking?

Generally, a few hours after getting drunk, after slowly waking up, you can drink a little light tea after waking up.

Drinking light tea at this time can not only remove the odor in the mouth, but also relieve the dryness of the mouth after drinking, as well as the loss of water. Next, it can also clear the intestinal tract, maintain body metabolism, clear the mind, and relieve headache.

Finally, it helps the body to metabolize, so as to recover to the normal state as soon as possible.

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