Benefits and taboos of honey chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea and honey contain rich inulin, flavonoids, vitamins and amino acids. Drinking honey chrysanthemum tea has the effect of refreshing breath, relieving depression, promoting metabolism, supplementing needed energy, clearing heat and relieving anger. After drinking honey chrysanthemum tea for a long time, the vitamins of chrysanthemum bee honey tea can relieve eye fatigue and dryness, and moisturize the throat. Meanwhile, the chrysanthemum tea is rich in aroma and refreshing, which also helps to relax and relieve headache.

Honey contains a lot of vitamins and amino acids. These two substances are very helpful for improving human functions and supplementing the energy needed by the body. Honey chrysanthemum tea has a refreshing and refreshing effect. Therefore, regular drinking of honey chrysanthemum tea can relax nerves, relieve headache symptoms, eliminate fatigue, and improve the resistance to cold wind.

Drink honey chrysanthemum tea often. Chrysanthemum can clear away heat and heat, and can improve the vision blurring caused by eye fatigue. One of the most significant functions of honey is that it can promote the secretion of gastric acid, enhance the intestinal peristalsis in the body. The combination of chrysanthemum and honey can well alleviate the two most frequently encountered problems of dry eyes and constipation.

The combination of chrysanthemum tea and honey, in addition to the above effects, has the functions of moistening the throat and clearing the lung, sterilizing and diminishing inflammation. When there are oral diseases such as pharyngitis, drinking a cup of honey chrysanthemum tea can make the throat fresh and improve the situation of foreign bodies in the throat.

Honey chrysanthemum tea has the function of clearing away heat and defecating, which can well remove the waste toxin inside the human body. The internal circulation system of the human body is normal, and the external skin will also be in a good state. Therefore, drinking honey chrysanthemum tea often has a good beauty and beauty function.


Because chrysanthemum is relatively cold, people with relatively cold nature should pay attention to proper drinking. When brewing honey chrysanthemum tea, we can first use boiled water to boil chrysanthemums, and then wait until the water temperature drops to about 60 ℃ before adding honey, so as to give full play to the respective effects of chrysanthemum tea and honey

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