How to steep orange peel

In daily life, everyone brews orange peel (Tangerine Peel) in different ways. Here, we have sorted out the common methods of making orange peel.

Pay attention to three main factors in making orange peel (Tangerine Peel) tea:

Aging year

Tangerine peel less than five years old has a slightly bitter taste, which is more suitable for cooking in soup or as cooking seasoning. When it is used for making tea, it may have bitter, sour and astringent taste.

It is recommended to use tangerine peel for about five to ten years to make tea. It tastes sweet and mellow, and has a full fragrance. Of course, the longer the orange peel (Tangerine Peel) is, the better the smell and taste.

Different varieties

Orange peel (Tangerine Peel) can be divided into three types according to the picking and processing time: green peel, slightly red peel and large red peel.

Because the green peel is picked when the citrus fruit is immature and contains less sugar, it will appear obvious bitterness when used to make tea. The slightly red skin takes the second place, and the big red skin has the least bitter taste. It is recommended to use Dahongpi tea because of its high sugar content, large fruit flavor, no pungent smell, and better warmth.

Notes of brewing

Although making tea with orange peel (Tangerine Peel) can preserve health, the more orange peel is not the better. When the ratio of orange peel to water is out of balance, there will be bitter or weak taste of tea. Moreover, orange peel contains a kind of limonin, which has a bitter taste. Soaking for too long will produce bitter taste and affect the taste.

Frothing method

The frothing method is the most convenient way to brew.

First wash the tangerine peel with boiling water, then put a small slice of tangerine peel into a heat preservation cup and fill it with boiling water, and wait for a few minutes before drinking.

Add water to the cup after drinking. It is a good way to brew whether you are traveling, working in the office or drinking at home.

  1. First, clean the impurities and dust on the surface of orange peel (Tangerine Peel) with boiling water;
  2. Boil 500ml of water, cover tightly braised skin for 10-15 minutes (adjust the time according to personal taste), and immediately take out all the soup to avoid soaking orange peel (Tangerine Peel) slices in tea soup.

Soakage method

Soaking method is a fast and daily operation of orange peel (Tangerine Peel) brewing method, which is made by adding hot water into a purple clay pot. A 150ml purple clay pot needs to put 5-6g of orange peel, while a three-petal complete orange peel (Tangerine Peel) is about 6-8g, which can be cut into several small pieces. The tangerine peel tea soup brewed from the purple clay pot is sweet, mellow and fragrant. After drinking, it produces saliva and tastes sweet.

  1. Put 6g orange peel (Tangerine Peel) into a purple clay pot;
  2. When the water boils, it will be poured into the purple clay pot;
  3. For the first soaking, let the boiling water bubble wash the tangerine peel for 5 seconds, then soak the tea set with its tea soup, let the fragrance of the tangerine peel soak into the tea cup, and then soak the soup for about 1 minute for the second and third soaking, and then pour the soup for 30 seconds in turn.

Finally, what should I do if the orange peel (Tangerine Peel) has been put too much and has a bitter taste? It can reduce orange peel (Tangerine Peel) properly or add rock sugar and jujube in tea to relieve bitter taste. Or add old white tea and scented tea to enrich the taste according to personal taste.

A cup of tangerine peel tea every day can dispel dampness and reduce dryness. After mastering the right way to make tea, quickly make a cup of mellow and aged tangerine peel tea!

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