Brewing Method of Oolong Tea

Oolong tea contains more than 450 organic chemical components and more than 40 inorganic mineral elements. The organic chemical components and inorganic mineral elements in tea contain a lot of nutritional and pharmacological components. Organic chemical components mainly include tea polyphenols, alkaloids, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, pectin, organic acids, lipopolysaccharides, sugars, enzymes, pigments, etc.

Tips for Brewing Oolong Tea:

  1. Warm Tea Set

The preferred tea set for brewing oolong tea is a purple clay pot, followed by a white porcelain covered bowl. First, prepare a purple clay pot with moderate capacity, then open the lid, pour boiling water about two-thirds of the pot’s capacity in a whirl, and gently shake the pot with your hands to make the pot evenly heated. The warming pot can play a role in cleaning, and can also increase the temperature of the teapot.

  1. Wash Tea

The best amount of oolong tea is 7-8g, and its tea leaves account for half of the whole teapot. When pouring tea, first put the fine tea leaves, and finally put the strip shaped tea leaves, to prevent the water hole or the spout from being blocked after the fine tea leaves are brewed. After the oolong tea is put in, pour in a small amount of hot water to wash the tea to remove impurities.

The first brew of oolong tea can be washed or not. If it is washed, the speed should be fast, and the soup should be made immediately; Of course, if you buy high-quality tea, you can avoid cleaning steps.

  1. Brewing Tea

Pour boiling water into the cover bowl and fill the rim with water. Cover immediately after flushing, and the temperature of boiling water should be 95-100 ℃ If the temperature is not enough, the strength used to brew oolong tea is insufficient, and the tea flavor is incomplete.

  1. Brewing Tea Time

The brewing time is from short to long, the first time is short and then increases gradually. After lukewarm oolong tea, the first brew is suitable for soaking for about 10s. From the fourth brew, each brew should be delayed by about 5~10s compared with the previous one.

A good oolong tea has a lingering fragrance after seven brews, so it is usually about seven brews. The amount and quality of soluble substances in tea soup vary with the time of brewing tea, so the time of brewing tea directly affects the quality of tea soup.

  1. Pour Tea Soup

Pour the tea soup that has been soaked in the cover bowl for 7s into the cup. Note that the tea soup should be filtered thoroughly when pouring tea. Finally, pour the tea soup into the cup and drink it.

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