What Factors Affect the Taste of Oolong Tea Soup

Oolong tea belongs to fermented tea, which is called green tea. It belongs to neither green tea nor black tea, and is a unique tea type in China. Why is it different to brew oolong tea? Now let’s introduce. You can see another article about how to brew oolong tea.

  1. Different tea sets, different flavors

White porcelain covered bowls and purple clay pots are the most commonly used utensils for brewing oolong tea. I wonder if you have noticed that sometimes the same tea will be different with different utensils. If you make the same tea every day, you might as well try to use different utensils.

Not only that, sometimes it is the same red clay pot, and the use of different types will also make the tea soup different.

The tea is brewed in a pot, which seems to be in a space. The height of the tea set will have a certain impact on the tea. For example, the teapot with a low shape and a spacious bottom can lock the tea aroma. The aroma is not loose, and it is used to make tea, which makes the tea taste more fragrant.

When you are used to brewing in a purple clay pot and turn to a covered bowl, the taste is different. In fact, the utensils affect the effect of the tea soup.

  1. The change of water use will affect the tea soup

Those who are a little particular about making tea will know that the water used for making tea is a key point. The water used to make tea has an obvious impact on the tea soup. The most direct and obvious thing is to make tea with tap water. No matter how good the tea is, it will be insipid. Usually, people will choose to use pure water and mineral water.

Why is the tea made in the teahouse good? The tea you make is slightly worse. Some teahouses use slightly better water. The water is different and the taste is different. You can also have a common sense.

  1. Factors of weather and mood

Sometimes in rainy and dreary weather, it is not easy to make oolong tea well This is related to the atmospheric pressure of the weather. The weather is dull and the atmospheric pressure is low, and the overall environment will inhibit the high aroma of oolong tea. Usually, experienced tea makers will choose to avoid making Oolong tea and drink cooked Pu’er tea instead

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